Blitz-A-Stump tree stump grinding specialist

Blitz-A-Stump tree stump grinding specialist, is run by Mike Lish. If your tree stumps are "A PAIN IN THE GRASS." I am here for you. I cover Anglia wherever you are.

I was formally connected with a well known nationally recognized stump removal franchise for twelve years, serving the Anglia region. I have since moved onto the creation of Blitz-A-Stump, and can continue to offer the same professional class of service regardless of status. I have "blitzed" stumps for HM the Queen, at Sandringham, for The Forestry Commission, The Highways Department, industry, golf clubs. I get the greatest amount of satisfaction, and appreciation from you the public. Perhaps its because I treat everyone with the same class of service I give to HM.


Tree Stump Grinding is a specialist service, that requires trained operatives who can assess risk to property and people, by taking appropriate measures to minimize/eliminate risk. Anyone, with the proper equipment, can grind away a tree stump. To do it safely and in a professional manner is another matter entirely. We at Blitz-A-Stump offer our stump grinding service with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.