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Cows and calves die after eating waste yew cuttings

Not just cows and calves die, but horses, children, with particular vulnerability to those who engage with stump grinding, or sawing of  toxic yew tree wood:

“Six cows and four calves have died on farm in Hampshire after eating yew cuttings dumped in their field.

The cattle were found dead at Newlyns Farm, North Warnborough, Hook, after eating the clippings on Monday.

Farmer Rob Janaway said: “I was confronted by a scene that was a like a battlefield, with dead animals everywhere.”

The person responsible has since come forward and helped to remove the waste.

Mr Janaway said the culprit had been “horrified by the deaths” and had no idea the yew cuttings were so dangerous to cattle.

Mr Janaway added: “To see them dead knowing that they’ve probably died in pain is devastating.

“With the lack of tips available, people see farmers’ fields and gateways as a place to get rid of their rubbish – farmers’ fields are not dumping grounds.”

The surviving cattle have been move to another field on the farm for their safety.

Hampshire Police said: “Officers have spoken with the owners of the animals who have confirmed that no further police involvement is required.”


Whenever I need to grind away a customers yew stump I always wear a breathing respirator or at the very least a disposable face mask.  I always advise my customer never to allow children or pets in the area of yew stump grindings before it has been thoroughly cleared away.

Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 20 years.

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