How Using Blitz-A-Stump Will Benefit You With Our Tree Stump
Grinding Service

You will benefit from our increased productivity  because we do not stop working just because it is dusk. If there is work to complete for a projected one days work, we will continue to work by flood light until completion. Further, we do not let the weather stop us either. We work under cover, rain or shine, during all seasons.

Professional Tree Stump Grinding


  • By our unconditional satisfaction guarantee, or money back.
  • By our increased productivity through use of our unique machinery attachments
  • By our nationally recognized training & qualifications, complemented by rigidly
    followed H&S proceedures
  • By controlling the risk of fungal attack, and maximizing your gardens preservation
  • By the use of our scanning equipment to identify buried services.
  • By letting us take the strain off your back, and worry off your mind
  • By my commitment to deliver to you a professional tree stump removal service, second to none.

I treat my range of customers from Sandringham Estate, to the humble Council Estate with equality.
Everyone gets the same class of service.

So why not call Mike Lish now for a quick quote with fast service. I am LISH by name and LISH by deed.

LISH –  obsolete English/ verb / fast, quick, with haste, swift

Hard at work

Tree Stump Grinding Professional

Rotting stumps promote fungal attack. This can kill your valued plants and trees. Both The Royal Horticultural Society, and Forestry Commission advise tree stump removal. We at Blitz-A-Stump reduce that risk.