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Why Tree Stump Removal Is A Damn Good Idea

​Tree stumps can be bothersome. If you have tried excavating around them followed by a strenuous attempt to extract them out of the ground you have experienced first hand the amount of effort needed. Why not consider a damn good idea by calling in a professional stump grinder with diesel powered machinery for removing tree stumps by turning them into a mulch-like mixture of wood chip and soil, down to its root system. ​

​Valid Reasons For ​Tree stump Removal:

First and foremost, tree stump removal is highly recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as a positive precaution against fungal attack from the dreaded honey fungus. This reason alone is probably the single most important reason — or should be. Yes there are other obvious reasons like aesthetics. But allowing honey fungus, a potential garden killer, to introduce itself, by far should exceed any other reason to grind away tree stumps.
Dead wood is the food of a fungal attack, and stumps are also in the way of new growth.

Ok, so a tree stump in the middle of your lawn is an eye sore, detracting from its beauty and your lawn will be enhanced by its elimination. Further, if you are planning to have a garden path, shed, conservatory, driveway, or patio installed, removal of stumps is a necessity.

A Brief On Stump Grinding:

Small stump grinders with two wheels, are only good for removing stumps that are small, say up to 40cm diameter (measured at ground level) Using said stump grinder is hard work ​in any quantity and for larger stumps. However, if you feel so inclined to do so they are readily available for hire. Be mindful that a professional stump grinder with a diesel-powered machine can do the job far quicker and for about the same cost — depending on quantity and size — as hiring a stump grinder. Further, and more to the reality of what you will experience with hiring a stump grinder, is they rarely have sharp cutter teeth. This will make grinding operations very burdensome and more tiring than usual. Especially so as you need to pivot the machine left to right and back again for each cut into the stump. You also need to consider the inherent and very real danger of serious injury to yourself, your property, other people, and pets. additionally, if you feed the machine too abruptly into the stump, you run the risk of it jumping up, and back at you.

Blitz-A-Stump Grinding​ Specialists:

​Our diesel-powered stump grinders are serviced each and every time we return to our base. This insures ​our machine is operationally ready at its peak efficiency with sharp cutter teeth, fully fueled, and with freshly greased bearings for the next job. You will not find a hire machine with this built-in efficiency through proper maintenance.

Before we begin removing stumps, we first survey and assess the risks to your surroundings. This includes identifying the location of any nearby buried electrical or piped services with our CAT scanner and if necessary putting a signal on such services with our signal generator. We need to be satisfied your area of operations is safe to commence stump grinding and is free of potential flying debris which can either damage the machine’s cutter teeth or cause injury, or property damage. Once that is achieved, we erect plywood sheet screening around our four-wheeled diesel powered grinder to contain arisings. Our machine also has additional rubber screen attached. These rubber screens are our own design and installation for the safety of our valued customers. Our grinder simply and very quickly removes tree stumps and turns them into a pile of wood chippings as it cuts into the stump under the control of diesel over hydraulic power. A 60cm (2′) diameter stump will be reduced within 15 minutes to root depth. Many of our customers re-use these chippings to keep down weeds or for a path dressing.

We Tidy Up:

​Removing tree stumps by grinding is a messy job but not to worry. We screen off our area as described earlier​, and back-fill all newly created stump holes with arrisings (you don’t want any trip hazards) However if you prefer to back-fill holes with your own top soil, just let us know and we will neatly pile arisings around each hole. Job done.

So why not call Blitz-A-Stump now for a quick quote and fast service at 07931754142

Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 20 years.

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