Why Tree Stump Removal Is A Damn Good Idea
October 22, 2017
tree stump grinder at its best
October 25, 2017
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tree stump grinder at its best

With all this global, and national economic/political uncertainty at least you can be certain that Mike Lish of Blitz-A-Stump will be there for you to help you enjoy your own haven of peace and solitude with cheerful tree stump removal in your garden.

There is where I can eliminate trip hazard stumps and their surface roots with its further potential for damage to your lawn mower. You may already have sustained root damage to paths, driveways, sewer chambers and pipework. And don’t think just because a tree has been felled, its roots will stop growing. Re-growth or ‘suckering’ from the remaining stump often happens and will depend on the species of tree. However, all that stress will be releived through my cheerful stump grinding.

Yes, chemicals can be used to kill the stump but you still have a stump which may (depending on species) re-generate itself from its roots. To complicate matters further, your dead stump will now enter a stage of rotting. albeit very slowly. Don’t be surprised if you have insect nests living within it during its rotting stage, and If your rotting stump is close to your house be prepared for visitors!

Most of us love trees. Some of us may even love tree stumps? I personally can’t think why. They detract from the beauty of a lawn, they take up valuable garden space, they are the harbingers of diseases, insects and fungal attack, especially honey fungus that is aggressive enough to kill off a mature garden. So don’t worry — my cheerful tree stump removal will eliminate that risk.

So cheer up! I am with you to help preserve your garden sanctuary. Get rid of your stumps NOW! Call Mike Lish at 07931754142 Remember— I cover all of Anglia


Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 17 years.

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