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August 28, 2017
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October 22, 2017
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Protecting Your Sanctuary From What The Hell Is Going On!

derision;–contempt ridicule, mockery. ridicule, jeering, jeers, sneers, scoffing, jibing,
taunts; — disdain, disparagement, denigration, disrespect, pooh-poohing; sneering, scorn, scornfulness,
insults;– vilification, etc, etc.

I have never witnessed what is now open-ended, main stream, broad spectrum, antagonistic disrespect with an overall intolerable outlook against nearly anyone or any group who dares to share their outspoken view or argument. I’m just an ordinary guy. I know what I see, and hear, I recognize attempts at manipulation through distortions, and persuasions. I know right from wrong when I see it without any formal training in political or social sciences. I am totally at odds with all of the intolerance I see via the media, and am beginning to wonder if the media truly is “the enemy of the people” I’ve heard the phrase “don’t kill the messenger” but it seems everything has become politicized, with extreme rhetoric, and over reaction, often complimented with violence. So what the hell IS going on? I am unable to offer any intellectual proposal towards solving or understanding this growing trend. If anyone thinks by raising their head above the parapet, they can offer a practical solution–and still keep their head intact — go for it! For the remaining majority of silent observers who prefer a bit of sanctuary from this never-ending and growing tumult, I say seek some refuge within your own sanctuary garden. You will find management of your own “sanctuary” cathartic while purging your mind of the negativity that surrounds you. Some may describe this as your “head in the sand”. I describe this approach as sensible, and healthy in mind and spirit. Your garden sanctuary does however needs to be protected not so much from uninvited intruders of the two-legged kind, but from a more insidious invader, a honey fungus attack. Tree stumps are the primary food sources of honey fungus. Once this fungus gains a foot-hold in your sanctuary garden, it puts your entire garden at risk. Be prepared, and heed the advice given by both the Horticultural Society and Forestry Commission—REMOVE ALL TREE STUMPS

Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 17 years.

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