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Best Ask On Hiring A Tree Stump Grinding Service.

These are the best questions to ask before agreeing to hire a tree stump grinder. Stump grinding machinery is dangerous in unqualified hands. Anyone can buy a stump grinder and use it on customers premises as there are no licensing requirements. Look for NPTC (National Proficiency Test Certification) before you hire a stump grinding service.

  1. Are they Qualified and hold recognised certification for operating stump grinding machinery.

  2. Do they hold adequate Public Liability Insurance cover. Accidental damage to property is a real risk.

  3. Can they identify buried services with scanning equipment.

  4. Do they carry Screening to contain arisings (wood/soil debris) and protect
    exposed windows when required.

  5. Was a detailed work proposal discussed, inclusive of site access preliminaries you will be expected to provide before stump grinders arrival to your site. e.g.:

  • removal of all mobile obstacles preventing easy access. Identifying any
    permanently fixed restrictions to access e.g. narrow gate openings or side passageways, steps, decking, external electric/gas meters, cables, or pipes, protruding water tap, hose reel, downpipes, sharp right angle bends.
  • Are stumps to be removed close to fencing, outbuildings, or other nearby obstacles.
  • Are stumps on level ground surrounded by soil only.  What are soil conditions like e.g. dry, wet, boggy, rocky with flints.
  1. How reliable are they. Do they offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, or a free return for a satisfactory completion if needed.

  2. Is their machinery well maintained (stump grinders do break down on site)—Ask for an up-to-date maintenance log.

  3. What auxiliary equipment is carried to enhance productivity, efficiency, and above all safety.

  4. What is their track record of past clients, and is it backed up with proof.

  5. Does their offer represent genuine fair value for money spent.

Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 20 years.

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