Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why I should use Blitz-A-Stump

A.  Because stump grinding is a hazardous operation, and should only be performed by qualified operatives. All our operatives are certified to
NPTC (City & Guilds) level.

Q.  Before Blitz-A-Stump visits me, are there any preparations I need to make.
A.  Yes, read all below text Notes

Note  Unobstructed  means at least three feet (91.5cm) through gate openings and side passages with no protrusion e.g.side entrance steps, electricity / gas meters or pipes, balanced flues, external water taps, or guttering down pipes causing a reduction of three feet (91.5cm) clearance? Are their steps leading to rear gardens, and are they the 0nly means of access? This isn’t usually a problem if steps are wide enough (three feet), we can climb steps with our ramps. Are there sharp right angle turns off the side passage (our machine is eight feet (244cm) long, and it does not bend in its middle.

NOTE: If access is through a garage, a three-foot gangway should be cleared before arrival, and mention should be made if the door threshold is raised above outside ground level, or of sharp right angle bends on exit of the garage opening.


    Our machine weighs 850 kg and can safely be driven over concrete slab or other suitable load bearing surfaces. NOTE: If paving slabs are used as steps they must not overhang, as they will flip-up as the weight of the machine passes over their unsupported edge. This is also true for tiled surfaces. Are stumps surrounded by any hard materials e.g. concrete, tarmac, brick, rubble, shingle, fence posts? (any removable hard materials or debris around the  immediate stump(s) area(s) or obstacles in the approach to the stump(s), should be removed before


  •  Is there an awareness of any fence posts hidden by vegetation, railings, barbed wire, or nearby buried services, e.g. water / gas / LPG / oil tank pipes / cable TV / electric / telephone cables? If there is reason to suspect existence of such hidden services, we can detect their location with our specialised scanning equipment.
  • Are  there any sewer (or other) access covers overgrown with vegetation, or hidden from view, near stumps to be removed?
  • There is a need to place additional emphasis on the importance  of removing any obstacles which may prevent our machinery from gaining access to your stumps, before we arrive on site.


Q.  Is Blitz-A-Stump insured against public liabilities?

A.  Yes. We hold £5mil. P.L. insurance to cover any property damage.

Q.  How low to the ground should the tree/stump be cut?

A.  It should be cut as low to the ground as is possible. Grinding unnecessary  wood will decrease productivity and increase the cost of the job, and our completion time.

Q.  Can a stump in close proximity to a wall or fence be dealt with?

A.  Yes, provided:   1. There is sufficient room to manoeuvre the stump grinder so it can be positioned at a right angle to the line of the wall/fence.
2. The ground is reasonably level.
3. The wall is sound and not crumbling.
4.There are no hard surfaces up to the wall, e.g. for accuracy, the stump grinder needs to be staked to soil covered ground when grinding.

Q.  Can stumps on a raised garden bed be accessed?

A.  Yes. We use the same ramps to get the stump grinder off our van for access.

Q.  Can stumps be removed with buried services beneath them?

A.  Yes, with great care. Our C.A.T. scanner will first confirm the location of buried services (excluding plastic gas or water pipe which can’t be detected) Normally we grind into the root system, but we will grind to a shallower depth on such occasions  yet still below top soil.

Q.  Do wet conditions make any difference?

A.  Sometimes, depending on soil drainage. Poor soil drainage will create boggy conditions which will inhibit stump grinder movement, and will leave deep ruts. Otherwise, operating on wet ground  other than mud is no problem. We fit extension (dual) wheels to spread the machines weight in such conditions. We also can “leap-frog” two plywood sheets in front of the machine as it progresses forward if necessary. Our machine operative works in comfort under a removable parasol in rainy conditions to maximize productivity as a benefit to you.

Q.  Are stumps infected with fungus a problem?

A.  Only if stump arisings (chippings) are allowed to fly in all directions. We contain arisings by erecting a three-sided screen around the stump. We also will request the use of your garden hose to wash off fungal spores, followed by a blow dry with our petrol driven blower, as we do not wish to infect our next customer’s garden.

Q.  Can stumps on sloping ground be removed?

A.  Under these circumstances, our machines are not reliant on wheel traction. The stump grinders steering wheels telescope out with that end of the machine staked to the ground. This pushes the cutter end of the machine up steep slopes.

Q.  What access is required?

A.  At least 36 inch openings through garden gates. Narrow side passages must not be obstructed with: electric meters, gas meters, pipe work, water taps, sewer openings, entrance steps, flue pipe, guttering down pipe, fence posts, or anything which will cause a reduction of 36 inch access. Further, sharp right angle turns around the corner of the house are prohibitive as our stump grinder is eight feet long (244cm) and it does not bend in its middle !

Q.  How deep do you grind out the stump?

A.  Usually 20cm (8 inches) to 25cm (10 inches) deep is adequate to grind away up to a 60cm (2 foot) diameter stump. Larger stumps may require the machines wheels to proceed down into the ground as it grinds its way through the stump.

Q.  Do you remove arisings (wood chippings) from site?

A.  No. The majority of our customers use arisings as a mulch after it has decomposed, and our remaining customers can usually dispose of this in dust bin bags. These days disposal licensing is required for dumping. This represents a considerable additional cost to Blitz-A-Stump along with handling, transporting, and disposal. These costs would have to be passed onto our customers. To remain competitive, we do not dispose.


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