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November 9, 2017
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Best Way To Prevent Ash Die Back

Below are the steps needed to prevent ash die back.
If your garden is near an infected woodland think Bio-security. This means cleanliness:

. Clear away leaf litter regularly (burning makes spores go airborne)
. If you walk your dog in an infected woodland clean your boots and outer clothing
(they can carry spores from the Chalara fungus) and so can your car’s body and tyres
if driven into an infected area.
. Clear away deadwood regularly
. Before you call in the services of a tree surgeon be certain his equipment has been cleaned.
Wood chippers, chain saws can spread fungal diseases.
. If you must prune do it after leaf fall but don’t prune or fell as
justification for possible infection of ash trees.
(Potential for tree infection with Chalara is not a predominant consideration
of a Tree Officer dealing with TPO’s)
. Before taking any felling action first contact contacts to determine if a felling license
may be required. This is necessary for trees on any land public or private.
. Once approval has been received call Blitz-A-Stump to remove those rotting tree stumps which can
cause further spread of infection.

Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 18 years.

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