tree stump grinder at its best
October 24, 2017
November 4, 2017
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tree stump grinder at its best

All about Tree stump grinding that is quick, efficient, and ACTUALLY WORKS!! Forget about trying to burn a stump out–It’s not practical, is messy, causes air pollution, and takes a lot of time. Forget about poisoning it, forget about banging copper nails into it, forget about drilling holes into it–because you are still left with a rotting stump that can actually endanger your garden with a honey fungal attack, and encourage nesting insects. Forget about paint on chemicals, or nitrate fertilizers to speed up rotting processes–they don’t work well, if at all. Forget about using a chain saw even after digging around the root system–it too doesn’t work because the moment the saw teeth touch soil they become blunt from the abrasives within the soil. There are those whose preference is to remove a stump “The Natural Way”. OK, these people have plenty of spare time to wait for a stump to rot. The majority of people have immediate plans for the space a stump occupies, and need that space NOW! I repeat–stump grinding is quick and efficient for you “now” people. BUT FIRST, before you decide to have your stump(s) ground out, is it small enough to manually dig out, and are you physically up to it. If not, then grinding is the only practical solution for a “now” person. This leaves you with another decision to make. Will tree stump grinding be a DIY job with hiring a stump grinder for the day, or will you call in a certified and trained professional tree stump grinder.

If you think tree stump grimding is a DIY job, consider this.:

1. hire machines are not likely to have sharp cutter teeth or to have been serviced at all
since their last use.
2. it is tiresome, strenuous work to grind to root depth a stump over 18″ (40cm)
diameter especially so with blunt cutter teeth.
3. stump grinders are dangerous machines and can come back at you if not fed into the
stump properly. They will also cause surrounding damage or injury if not screened
off effectively.
4. the cost of hire and your effort to complete the job safely will be less cost-effective
than the cost of hiring a professional stump grinder.

Before you decide to call in a professional tree stump grinder consider this:
A good tree stump grinder will ask the following ten questions:

1. Is there clear unobstructed access for the machinery with at least a three foot garden gate opening.
2. are there any narrow unobstructed passages with enclosed right angled sharp bends?
3. What is/are the stump diameter(s)?
4. how low to the ground has it been cut?
5. Is/are the stump(s) in level ground?
6. are there nearby buried services?
7. What type of tree is it? (yew is toxic throughout, willow & poplar regenerate)
8. Is the stump next to buildings, fencing, or any other obstruction?
9. what is/are the stump(s) surrounded by, e.g. soil, gravel, concrete or other hard materials
10. What’s the reason for removing the stump?

You should be asking the following ten questions while trying to decide on the hiring of a qualified, professional tree stump grinder.:

1. What are your qualifications?
2. What training have you received?
3. do you hold Public Liability Insurance and how much?
4. What is your range of job experience?
5. do you comply with all Health & Safety requirements for stump grinding?
6. do you have risk assessment documentation?
7. do you have a work method statement?
8. do you have a H&S policy statement?
9. can you refer to various depths of buried utilities guidelines as described by The
National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG)?
10. are you a qualified first aider?

We at Blitz-A-Stump fulfill all of the above as a professional tree stump grinder Call NOW for a quick quote and fast service throughout Anglia.


Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 17 years.

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