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Tree Stump Harvesting – Part Of A Great Biomass false accounting scam

Biomass harvesting is is steadily increasing for use as a fuel. Tree stump harvesting is playing a larger part in this effort however ther are four main risks to forest environments with harvesting tree stumps:

  1. (A) Disturbance to watercourses
    (B) Erosion
    (C) Increased Turbidity
    (D) Soil disturbance through compaction and rutting
  2. Reduced soil carbon stock after tree stump harvesting
  3. Increased stream water and soil PH (acid) levels due to:
    (A) Reduction of soil buffering ability owing to removal of essential soil mineral
    nutrients e.g. calcium, sodium potassium, magnesium
  4. Lower soil fertility and reduction of future tree growth owing to:
    (A) Removal of essential soil nutrients

Some Contradiction:

Risk management to the soil as a result of tree stump harvesting activities is necessary. Pro-active assessment is fundamental to choice of chosen area to be harvested for its biomass according to Tom Nisbet and Bruce Nickoll of Forest Research. However results of an eight year long research programme financed by the Swedish Energy Agency (SLU) contradict the findings of Forest Reasearch with emphasis  that soil disturbance does not seem to affect future growth of the next tree generation (ref. item 4) as quoted below:

“The results show that stump harvesting is beneficial to the climate and can, if carried out correctly, limit the spread of root rot. Stump harvesting increases soil disturbance, but this disturbance does not seem to increase the emission of greenhouse gases. It does not seem to affect the production of the next tree generation. However, intense stump harvesting has negative effects on dead-wood dependent species. However, the risk of species extinction seems to be minimal if only 10 % of the clear-cuts in the forest landscape are stump harvested.”

There are some conclusive positive climatic  effects for CO2 reduction that burning stumps as a biofuel offers a considerable reduction of CO2 gases in comparison to the burning of fossile fuels, and that negative after effects on dead wood dependent species are short term with stump harvesting activities according to this Swedish eight year survey.

False accounting for burning biomass:

Taken at arms length the total overall EU policy on burning biomass as a fuel IS A GREAT CARBON SCAM! This is because UN and EU rules mean countries DO NOT have to count significant CO2 produced by burning biomass.  European “experts” of CO2 reductions are claiming unreal reductions with an accounting trick that allows favouritism of biomass burning over other more efficient renewable ways of CO2 reduction.  This scam as with most other scams always comes down to money and who’s pocket it goes into.

60% of renewable energy produces in the EU comes from burning biomass and not a single bit of CO2 created from that is accounted for which nullifies any EU claim of CO2 reduction.

Mike Lish
Mike Lish
An electro-mechanical technician and specialist in tree stump grinding over the last 20 years.

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